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Representative Example: Borrow £700 and pay £111.27 per month for 12 months at an interest rate of 140% per annum (fixed).
The total charge for credit is £635.24 The total amount repayable is £1335.24. Representative 277.5% APR (variable). Your APR rate will be based on your circumstances.
† Subject to lender's requirements and approval. Not all loan amounts are eligible for 20 minute payouts. Your bank may increase the time you receive the money considerably.

Doorstep Loans – Home Cash Lenders

Key points

  • Also know as a home credit loan these are loans that are arranged at your residence or ‘doorstep’.
  • They are often taken out by people with bad credit scores that have been refused lending options elsewhere.
  • In some cases you don’t even need a bank account to get accepted.
  • THey are considered convenient in that all the application and repayments are organised at your own home.

Individuals who depend on their regular scheduled paycheck frequently manage cash issues particularly amid those emergencies, for example, unpaid bills and having a sick child. Despite the fact that they can without much of an effort obtain cash from their coworker or relative, it is as yet essential to discover another way that could give prompt cash help. It’s fortunate there are presently loans which you can undoubtedly apply for and get the cash in a matter of minutes. With doorstep loans you will definitely end your cash issue without the stresses of setting up those complex records. Go on and discover more about doorstep loans and its awesome advantages.

The doorstep loans does not require convoluted prerequisites. You just need to go on the web and answer the application form for borrowers. When you addressed the essential inquiries try to incorporate your ID card ideally with your manager’s name on it. This will help the lender comprehend that you are working. You ought to likewise incorporate your social security number, private number and email address and in addition to your financial account. The info you will give will help the doorstep loans lender see that you are fit for paying them back on time.

The Best Parts About Doorstep Loans

The doorstep loans won’t just give prompt cash but it is in reality simple to acquire. Individuals who happened to have bad credit line, no credit line or even the individuals who are managing bankruptcy could really apply and get the endorsement for this sort of advance. Not at all like those loans offered by different banks which required an intensive record verification and credit line check. With doorstep loans you can without much of an effort apply for the credit on the web and get the endorsement and the cash you require in a matter of minutes.

How To A Door Step Loan

Obtaining the doorstep loans is not that hard. Indeed you can without much of an effort get it on the web. In any case it is imperative to locate the best doorstep loans that will help make those administrations and courses of action conceivable. While online make a point to do some straightforward research. Accumulate those names of lenders and in addition loaning organisations that will give you quick cash help. When you have those names keep in mind to think about their offered administrations and arrangements as respects to doorstep loans. Consider these and you will most likely locate the best doorstep loans lender on the web.

What makes the doorstep loans exceptional from different loans is that you can really talk about the payback arrangement and plan with your chosen doorstep loans lender. You can get the cash you require in different adaptable ways which will be extremely helpful for you. The doorstep loans will help you pick and locate the most ideal way and strategy to pay the lender back which will help you avoid from having late installment charges.

Doorstep Loan FAQ’s

How are doorstep loans different from home credit loans?

In simple words, there isn’t any difference between home credit and doorstep loans. Home credit is actually a cash loan that is paid to you at your home, while also collecting the repayments from your home by an agent. Doorstep loans is another term given to home credit loans over time.

How long can a doorstep loan be borrowed for?

When you go for a doorstep loan, you choose a fixed time period over which you are supposed to repay the loan. The tenure may vary for different lenders, while the maximum period goes up to 52 weeks.

How is the repayment made?

Let’s explain the answer to this question with the help of an illustrative example. Let’s say, you borrow £200 and agree to repay the amount over 26 weeks. In case of a doorstep loan, an agent will visit your home to collect the £12 payment, while the amount of interest payable is going to remain fixed.

Are there any hidden charges?

Doorstep loans allow you to locate as well as choose the most ideal strategy to pay your lender back, while avoiding you to have to pay late installment charges. However, a key point to remember is that if your preferred repayment method is by cheque and the same bounces due to insufficient funds – you may incur the bounce charges.

I have a bad credit rating. Is this an issue when applying for a loan?

Your credit rating is not the only factor that determines your ability to get a doorstep loan. All loan applications are treated equally, and you may still quality for our doorstep loans even if you have a record of previous defaults or CCJs. Although, the process undertakes thorough credit checks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your application will be rejected. However, lenders usually don’t approve applications from those who have been declared bankrupt in the last 6 years.

Do I need to own my home to get a loan?

No. You don’t need to own a house to be eligible for a doorstep loan. Surprisingly, a large number of borrowers don’t own their houses. Doorstep loans are generally small and unsecured loans that don’t really require you to own a property.

Can I repay my loan early?

Yes. In fact, if at any time, you think that you can repay your loan early, it will be beneficial to do so. You may also be able to decrease the total interest on the loan amount. To learn the early repayment policies in further detail, you can always speak to your agent.

See What Other Kinds of Loans We Do

Though we specialise in Doorstep or Home Collection loans, we also offer a wide variety of other forms of finance to help you find the perfect plan to suit your needs.



It doesn’t matter how much you are looking for or what your credit history is like, we will be able to find you the best rates possible.

Fairly self-explanatory and so easy to get, a £100 loan is for those times that you need a little extra cash and quickly. Nearly anyone can get one of these loans with no issues at all, regardless of your credit history.
6 Month Loans can be a variety of amounts, whatever you think will suit your needs. The term, however, is fixed at 6 months. What this means is that the rate is fixed, allowing you to get the best out of your money. If you are looking for a slightly longer term length then this is a great option for you.
We all know how hard it can be to save, each time you get some a new issue will arise and bring you a step back. It doesn’t have to be that way though, a car loan is perfect for when you are looking at getting a new vehicle. Car Loans allow you to get the vehicle you are looking for without the usual hassle. This way you can pay as you go with your car
Very much like a payday loan, the Cash Cow Loans market has become popular with those that have a bad credit history. The difference is that a Cash Cow Loan does not have to be repaid in one instalment at the end of the month but can instead be over a 3 month period for example.

This type of loan is designed specifically for those that have an extremely bad credit score and are very likely to be refused by any normal lender due to their high risk. A Guaranteed High Risk Loan means that anyone that has been refused multiple times in the past or those that have been blacklisted will still have the chance to get the money they need.


An Instant Cash Loan is for those that are in a hurry to get the finance now. By using this sort of loan you will find that you get the funds in no time at all. Once approved you will get the cash straight into your account within 15 minutes. Fast Loans is one of the fastest ways to gain access to money on the loan market. Even those that have been blacklisted will be able to apply.

These loans are very small by their nature, often the amounts borrowed are around the £100 mark and no more than £500. They are usually only taken out for a couple weeks and never more than a few months. Mini-credit Loans were designed for those unexpected moments like a surprise bill or a car problem.
In the modern world, we are able to use our mobile phones for so many different things. We can use them to order food or other items from the internet. We can use them for looking at our bank accounts, sending and receiving money on the go. We can use them for so many things, so why not for borrowing. Whether you have an internet connection and feel like doing a £100 Text Loan or whether you want to use an SMS Loan instead, both are easily done today.