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Rates from 278% to 1576%

3-12 month repayment

Personal Loans

£1k - £25k

Fast decision

60-sec Application

Rates from 4.7% to 287%

3-36 month repayment

Representative Example: Borrow £700 and pay £111.27 per month for 12 months at an interest rate of 140% per annum (fixed).
The total charge for credit is £635.24 The total amount repayable is £1335.24. Representative 277.5% APR (variable). Your APR rate will be based on your circumstances.
† Subject to lender's requirements and approval. Not all loan amounts are eligible for 20 minute payouts. Your bank may increase the time you receive the money considerably.

Same Day Loans

Key points

  • As the name suggests, loans available on the same day are usually paid out within the hour, or by the end of the day depending on the amount.
  • Direct lenders can offer a variety of lending solutions so it’s handy to compare the available options.
  • If you have bad credit, are unemployed or have been refused before you could still be eligible to apply.

Do you need a loan that will give you funds on the same day? Many people are interested in same day loans. If you are one of them, it is important to understand everything you need to know about same day loans.

Same Day Loans: What You Need to Know

Quick loans like same day loans are an excellent option when you need cash as soon as possible. These loan products are also referred to as small loans, short-term loans, payday loans, or emergency loans. The loans mentioned above have similar features:

  • You can get small amounts up to £1,000
  • You have 3 to 12 months to settle the loan
  • You will have a higher total loan cost compared to regular loans

a lady gets a same day loan on her smartphone

When will I need a same day loan?

Most customers who take out a same day loan are people who need immediate financial solutions. For example, if your washing machine stopped working suddenly, you may not be financially prepared to pay for the extra bill. Same day lenders offer quick credit solutions that allow you to get the money you need within the day. In some cases, a direct lender will deposit the money directly to your account instantly.

Am I eligible for a same day loan fast payment?

All same day loans have a set of criteria that you should meet to qualify. Eligibility for a fast pay same day loan involves the borrower’s age, residence, and employment status. A UK resident that is at least 18 years old is allowed to apply. The borrower should be employed full-time and monthly income must be a minimum of £500. Short-term loan providers require their members to have an active bank account. Once you are approved the loan, you can expect to receive the cash into your account – the same account where the lender will take the payment from. The lender may ask several questions during the loan application such as civil status, employment information and salary information. These questions help the lender get a better picture of your affordability and financial status. A loan provider that follows the regulations of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) will take your capability to pay during loan application to make sure the credit does not put an unnecessary burden on you.

Is it possible to get a no credit check same day loan?

There are thousands of people who search for loans with no credit check each month. Regardless of the clamor for no credit check loans, there is no such thing as a real no credit check same day loan. The FCA requires its lenders to investigate the credit history of borrowers to make sure that the loan can be paid in full and on time – without putting undue stress on the loan applicant. Borrowers can turn to other providers for a loan without any credit check. However, there are illegal lenders or loan sharks that prey on desperate borrowers so it is best to choose an FCA authorized loan provider. Check with the Financial Services Register if you are dealing with an FCA-authorized broker or lender.

Are there any bad credit history same day loans?

People suffering from poor credit will likely look for same day loans for bad credit over the Internet. Most of the time, bad credit happens when a borrower was not capable of handling their loan and other financial obligations. Fortunately, there are direct lenders that are authorized by the FCA to offer loans to borrowers with imperfect credit histories. However, having a poor credit score will limit the financial options available to them. The lender will conduct a formal check of the borrower’s creditworthiness, such as the present financial circumstances, to make sure that they can offer the most suitable loan product to their client.

What if I am declined a short-term same day loan?

If your same day loan application was declined, you can try to find out why. First, it is possible that you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the prospective lenders. Another possibility is that your credit score is too low and the loan provider thinks his loan products do not suit your financial conditions. There are other possible reasons why your loan request may not be granted. We want to help borrowers get the loan that they deserve and improve their credit scores through responsible financial management. One way to increase the chances of approval is by applying for a loan through a broker. When you send your loan application to a loan broker, several lenders will review your application so that you have more than one chance of getting your loan approved by a reputable lender.

Why should I consider getting a short-term same day loan today?

Getting a short-term loan with same day payout has its advantages. It is especially beneficial to people who need emergency funds for unforeseen events. But remember that you are required to pay off the loan based on the agreed-upon terms and conditions. So before you take out a short-term loan, you should make sure to ask yourself these questions beforehand: Can I settle my loan obligations within 3 months up to 6 months? Will I be able to afford the payments required monthly?

Can I apply for credit and get the proceeds on the same day?

Apply for a loan through us and your application will be reviewed by our panel of lenders. Once your application is approved, you will instantly receive the loan amount through our lender’s same-day transfer. The time it will take for the money to reach your bank account depends on the lender’s decision and processing time. Remember that your bank also plays a significant role in how quickly you can receive the money in your account. Obtaining a same day loan is simple and straightforward– the steps below will show you how easy it is:

  1. Decide how much cash you want to borrower
  2. Fill up our application form
  3. The lender will conduct a credit check and inform you of their decision
  4. Once approved, you will receive a contract where you need to affix your e-signature

If you want to obtain a small loan, you can receive the money within the same day – directly to your account. In general, a lender will process your loan and you can receive the money in about 15 minutes from the time your loan was approved.

loans are available today from UK direct lenders

Is a same day loan available in the UK?

A same day loan has similarities with other types of short-term borrowings. Same day loans are basically short-term loans which have been around for years. The only difference is that same day loans can now be obtained online and the proceeds of the loan can be transferred to the borrower’s account in just a few minutes. Borrowers do not need to pay any additional charges to enjoy a same day loan transfer. To obtain a same day loan, you have to accomplish an application form from a direct lender or a loan broker. Filling up an online application form will not take more than a few minutes. Another way to obtain a same day loan in the UK is through a pawnbroker or high street shop. Whatever type of service you choose, you must ensure that they are authorized by the FCA. It is best to accomplish the application correctly and accurately. Your bank account details and ID should be at hand just in case you need some pertinent information during the application process. An unsecured same day loan will usually undergo credit verification. Your loan request will be granted – or rejected, based on the personal and financial information that you provide. However, once your loan request was granted, you can expect to get an offer from one of our trusted lenders. The loan agreement will contain the principal amount, the interest rates and fees, the terms of repayment and other details. Similar to other types of short-term loans, a same day loan is usually repaid through direct debit. If in any case, you cannot arrange for a direct debit from the bank, inform the lender immediately so other options may be arranged.

How much am I allowed to borrow with the same day loan?

You are allowed to borrow an amount between £100 and £1,000, which will also depend on your needs and affordability.

Is a guarantor required to apply for a same day loan?

Unless indicated in the requirements specification, a guarantor is usually not required for short-term, same day loans with small amounts. A same day loan is basically a payday loan or other similar loan products – they do not require a guarantor.

What is a guaranteed same day loan?

It is not possible to find a guaranteed same day loan although some lending firms have tried to lure borrowers with this claim. You will find many online loan providers advertising guaranteed same day no credit check loans. The FCA, however, maintains that loan providers should check a customer’s credit to make sure the customer can handle the additional financial obligation. In case a loan provider offers you a guaranteed same day loan with no credit check, the loan provider may be a loan shark or an illegal lender. Loan sharks operate illegally thus are not regulated by the FCA. Apart from the exorbitant interest rates that they charge. they will also resort to blackmail and violence if you are unable to pay on time.

an unemployed lady applies for a same day loan

I am unemployed, is it possible to obtain a same day loan?

There is no guarantee that any same day loan application will be approved. One of the most important requirements of a same day loan is the employment status of the borrower. If you are not gainfully employed, chances are, the loan application will be rejected.

Is a same day loan secured?

A same day loan is an unsecured loan product unless stated in the loan information. Borrowing large amounts will require security through an asset or collateral. Keep in mind, however, that an unsecured loan that is not paid on time can add more to your financial dilemma. A financial emergency is daunting and stressful, especially when you have run out of options. If you are sure that you want to apply for a same day loan, you should only work with authorized lenders or loan brokers. Sending your loan request to a loan broker is no different from submitting a loan application to a direct lender. The main advantage of working with a loan broker is that you have more chances of getting a loan approved saving you precious time and effort. Before proceeding with your loan application, make sure to assess your current, as well as your expected financial capacities. You should analyze whether you are able to make the necessary payments on schedule as dictated by your signed loan agreement.

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This type of loan is designed specifically for those that have an extremely bad credit score and are very likely to be refused by any normal lender due to their high risk. A Guaranteed High Risk Loan means that anyone that has been refused multiple times in the past or those that have been blacklisted will still have the chance to get the money they need.


An Instant Cash Loan is for those that are in a hurry to get the finance now. By using this sort of loan you will find that you get the funds in no time at all. Once approved you will get the cash straight into your account within 15 minutes. Fast Loans is one of the fastest ways to gain access to money on the loan market. Even those that have been blacklisted will be able to apply.

These loans are very small by their nature, often the amounts borrowed are around the £100 mark and no more than £500. They are usually only taken out for a couple weeks and never more than a few months. Mini-credit Loans were designed for those unexpected moments like a surprise bill or a car problem.
In the modern world, we are able to use our mobile phones for so many different things. We can use them to order food or other items from the internet. We can use them for looking at our bank accounts, sending and receiving money on the go. We can use them for so many things, so why not for borrowing. Whether you have an internet connection and feel like doing a £100 Text Loan or whether you want to use an SMS Loan instead, both are easily done today.